Products - Parallel Port Storage:

• Conntect up to (7) SCSI devices
• Operatable with Intel based machines under DOS, Windows, Windows 95. and OS/2.
• Retain simultaneous use of the parallel printer with 100% transparent pass-through.
• Co-resides with already installed internal drives
• ASPI Manager device driver included. WinASPI.DLL for windows is also included.
• CD-ROM Device driver supports audio, data, muti sessions and singlesession PhotoCD, CD-I, CD-XA, CD+G, Digital Video, and Video CD modes and is fully Plug-and-Play specification compatible.
• ASPI compliant Hard Disk Drive (HDD) driver supports Hard Disk, Removable Hard Disk and Magneto Optical Drive. Multiple logical partitions also supported.
• ASPI compliant Device drivers support Floptical Drive and Floppy Drive.
• BIOS Disk INT 13 emulation that supports existing disk caching software (ex. SMARTDRV.EXE).
• Disk preparation utility included
• ASPI compliant tape utility provided backup, restore and device controls
• Drivers for Window 95 and OS/2 are also included

• Portable tape backup
• Portable CD-ROM installations
• Laptop and notebook to SCSI connections
• Diagnose existing SCSI bus
• Use one portable SCSI adapter for multiple computers and devices

• Standard DB25M connector for input from LPTs 1, 2, or 3
• Standard DB25F connector for parallel printer
• Standard 50 pin micro-D SCSI-2 connector (SparCSI-2); or Standard 50 pin Centronic SCSI-1 connector (SparCSI-1).

Data Transfer Rate:
• Up to 1 Mega Bytes per second with EPP provided by the computer
• 320 Kilo Bytes per second for Standard Parallel Port

• Normally receives power from the term power line on the external SCSI device
• Provisional + 5 VDC power supply provided in the kit
• One power access/SCSI activity LED

• Device connector side:
SparCSI-1 (Length 68mm x Width 57mm x Height 19mm)
SparCSI-2 (Length 82.6mm x Width 54.1mm x Height 19mm)
• Computer connector side (Length 56mm x Width 30mm x Height 16mm)
• Integrated cable length (85.6mm)
• Weight 7.5oz (including cable) 207grams

Solutions for SparCSI
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Products - Parallel Port Storage:

Shining Technology does not end with the Parallel to SCSI, SparCSI product. We have full product lines of Parallel Port converter kits like Parallel to EIDE (PRIDE) for external 2.5" and 3.5" hard disk and removable hard disk. PRIDE also supports the most popular CD-ROM drive brands like Mitsumi, Sony, Panasonic and Philips.

Parallel I/O Products mentioned above are designed based upon one single Parallel interface chip; the KBICx93. The ASIC chip is designed to be compatible with the Standard and Enhanced Parallel Port. It is suitable for Parallel Port applications like Network, Data Acquisition, Storage Imaging and etceteras.




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