CitiDISK DV™ - FireWire

Shoot and edit your digitized video!
The CitiDISK DV eliminates the time consuming step of re-capturing DV footage from your DV camcorder tapes into your non-linear editing (NLE) system. This lightweight, portable, internal rechargeable battery CitiDISK DV connects directly to your DV camcorder and captures your DV footage to its miniature high performance hard drive and to tape simultaneously; straight from your camera's FireWire port, in your choice of file-formats (.MOV, .AVI, .DV, etc)! When done shooting, set your camcorder to VCR mode to quick-review (FW1256C only ) last scene just captured on viewfinder or plug it into computer system's FireWire port and edit/play right on the digitized video.

Camera controlled DV Recording with or without tape inserted

  • Records DV streams from camcorder controlled by camera's REC button with tape or by CitiDISK DV's REC button if no tape while camcorder in camera mode.
Choose video file format at any time per NLE's native file format
  • Stores video clips as one of DV, AVI's, and MOV formats in a pre-formatted FAT32 hard drive.
  • FW1256 supports RawDV file format only.
Quick review last captured scene and already captured scenes(NEW)
  • Set camcorder to VCR mode and quick review last captured DV streams on viewfinder by pressing the QPLAY button. Pressing QPLAY button again to PAUSE the clip. To loop through all of the sceces stored in the CitiDISK DV, simply "Press and Hold QPLAY button" for more than three seconds.
Archive DV tape content
  • Set camcorder to VCR mode. Archives DV streams played from camcorder by pressing CitiDISK DV's REC button. Stores video clips as one of DV, AVI's, and MOV formats in a pre-formatted FAT32 hard drive.
Multiple DV formats and audio sampling rate detection
  • CitiDISK DV automatically detects incoming MiniDV/DVCam/DVCPro stream formats and 2-ch-16bit-48Khz/2-ch-16bit-44.1Khz/4-ch-12bit-32Khz audio sampling rates, and record/playback in either one of the formats.
Pre-Scene loop recording (model FW1256C only)
  • DV stream is buffered in an internal memory and recorded to the miniature high performance hard drive the instant REC button is pressed or REC command is in. This function helps to avoid the loss of an important scene.
Multiple ways to shoot video together with camcorder
  • CitiDISK DV includes a belt-clip configured pouch to shoot from waist. Optional mounting pocket bracketed with V-Mount or Gold-Mount fits at rear end of broadcast/professional camera accompanying with one 2-pin D-Tap to CitiDISK DV converting power cable.
Instant DV Editing
  • Appears as an external Firewire Hard Drive Icon on computer's desktop. Video clips are immediately Editable by most of the prevailing NLE software. Drag & drop rendered/Play video clips to/from CitiDISK DV. Includes PC and Mac Utility Software.
Compact, lightweight and shock resistant
  • CitiDISK DV embeds one of 20GB, 30GB, 40GB, 60GB or 80GB 2.5" laptop hard disk with shock-absorption cushion surrounding the hard disk for the maximum hard disk protection.
Powered by internal rechargeable battery or external DC power source
  • CitiDISK DV embeds state-of-art rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery suitable for 80 minutes recording. External DC power source is also possible from external battery or power adapter ranging from DC +6V to +18V. Re-charging power is drawn from FireWire bus power or external DC power source.
Quick Erase button and utility programs
  • Single "Quick Erase" ® button provides instant file system cleaning up and re-claiming full disk storage. Utility programs run on both PC and Mac are also provided.
  • Interface
One IEEE1394A port
SBP-2, AV/C and Isochronous video streams
  • Cable

One 6pin-4pin IEEE1394A cable included

  • Sustained Device Transfer Rate

Four times faster than recording speed.

  • Power

Internal rechargeable battery
External DC 6V to 18V power adapter

  • Shock Resistant

150G non-operational tested

  • Dimension

Width: 3" (77mm) Height: 1"(25mm) Length: 5 and 5/8" (136mm)

  • Weight

10 ounces

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